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Canadian pharmacy

The medicines you will receive have been manufactured by pharmaceutical companies in various factories around the world. You can save a lot on the cost of your recipes. There may be some brands you may not recognize, but rest assured that they are manufactured to the same high standards. All purchases are subject to our general disclaimer.

Our sales outlets are not located in the US and only accept credit cards. Please contact our staff to place your order and as soon as we receive the funds, we will ship your order.


We ship the package by registered airmail on the day you receive your order. It takes 7-10 days to arrive most of the overseas destinations. You will need to sign to receive your order.

it is very important that you are supervised or by the doctor who prescribes your treatment. Drugs can have side effects that you may not be aware of. In addition, customs authorities may ask you for a prescription to prove that you are receiving the medication your doctor prescribed. Please send us a scanned or photocopied version of your recipe.


I cannot find the brand that I usually use. Do you supply medicines other than those listed in the database?

Medicine goes on sale all the time. We will try to update the database as soon as they become available. It is possible, however, that the pharmaceutical company is marketing the drug under a different brand name here. Try searching for the generic name of the drug.


Can you provide a price per quantity of 90 for the drugs I am taking?

Canadian pharmacy supplies in the manufacturer’s packaging. The quantity is indicated in the description of the drugs. We can supply several times more. We ship by registered airmail.


Any product returns are unlikely to meet the same stringent storage conditions, even if the foil and blister pack are intact. Returnable medicine is not suitable for reuse. Any returned medicines or items will be disposed of in the interests of public safety and concern. Please select carefully as items will not be accepted for return under any circumstances in accordance with local regulations, except as specified in the Trade Practices Guide.

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